Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why Romney?

Over the last few days I've been getting the same tired questions over and over again on twitter. Why are you voting for Romney? How can you vote for Romney as an African-American woman? What's wrong with you? Blah blah blah? Most of the questions I ignore because they're stupid questions and I'm tired of repeating myself, so I'm just going to lay it out here. Here is my official endorsement for Mitt Romney to answer those tireless questions:

Sometime during my first semester of college when I was 18, I registered to vote and I registered as a Democrat. Looking back, I don't know why. I was pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and I didn't like Bush. I had heard the "Republicans don't like black people" and "Republicans only want to help the rich" a thousand times, so I guess I had bought into it. A few months later, the first Sunday of April 2006, I went from an atheist to a baby Christian. I spent that summer learning how to pray, study the word, evangelize, and all that fun stuff all the while trying to hang on to my pro-choice and pro-gay marriage views, even though I knew it wasn't quite right. I don't remember what was said or what happened, but sometime during the second semester of my sophomore year, my heart did a one-eighty and I wasn't so liberal anymore.

My conversion to conservatism had more to with Christ than policy, the rest just came with research and common sense. 2008 came around and it was time to make a choice. Like most Evangelical Christians, I was drawn to Huckabee, but that didn't work out. John McCain wasn't my pick and I wasn't enthusiastic about him, but I voted. I didn't vote for Obama because I preferred smaller government and his "spread the wealth around" comment to Joe the Plumber scared me. I didn't like his pitch for universal health care, and, frankly, I wasn't buying a word he said. There was something about the "Hope and Change" rhetoric that wasn't sitting well with me. I didn't like how he supporters viewed him. Kids were singing about him like he was Jesus, someone actually called him "The Black Jesus," and my mom told me his first name was in the that meant something. The hero worship made me sick. Not voting for the black man in 2008 was something I had to deal with, but the more Obama talked, the easier it got.

Nevertheless, Obama was elected and I dealt with it. I gave Obama the benefit of a doubt and kept a positive outlook, which was hard. I kept my head up about the stimulus, and was disappointed. I kept my head up about Obamacare, until I started to learn what was in it. I was grateful he gave the order to kill Osama Bin Laden, until he put the lives of those Navy SEALs in danger. I didn't like him inserting himself into the Fast and Furious scandal, nor did I like him going around congress to give illegal aliens amnesty (but it's not amnesty, or whatever). Having had a roommate who was on food stamps, I understand why the work requirement is important, so the waiver pissed me off. Lastly, I was ready to rally around him after what happened in Benghazi, but was pissed when he started blaming the video. Then I was really pissed off when everyone in his administration started lying about it. Let's not forget the $16 trillion debt and high unemployment, and don't tell me it's Bush's fault. Obama didn't inherit a bad situation. He asked for it, campaigned for it, and paid for it. It's his responsibility now and he's been a terrible steward.
So why Romney? Romney was not my pick, not in 2008 and not this time around. I thought he was too moderate, and I still think he is. I wasn't excited about any of them. I wanted to take pieces of Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum and make my own candidate, or force Allen West or Paul Ryan to run. What it came down to was one question: Did I want another four years of Obama? When it came time for North Carolina's primary, I voted for Mitt Romney because I thought he had the best chance of beating him. I wasn't enthused or all that happy about our Republican nominee, but I wanted Obama gone and that was good enough for me. It wasn't until he picked Paul Ryan as his running mate that I started to get excited about the election. Paul Ryan is an open book. There's no trickery or "man behind the curtain" with him. He is who he says he is and I know where he stands. What Romney's decision said to me was that he was serious about the economy and getting it back on track. Standing side by side, they looked like a father and son running a successful company. I was officially sold on Romney/Ryan, not just as a way to get Obama out of the way, but team to lead America back to our founding principles.

Why am I voting for Romney? Five reasons:
  1. He's not Obama, first and foremost. Obama has not given me a reason to give him a second term and what he's done so far, and his lack of second term plan, shows we'll just get more of the same stagnant mediocre hot economic mess we've been experiencing these last four years. "Four years isn't enough time..." is a crackhead excuse. Reagan did it, so it can be done. Obama promised he'd do it. He promised he'd cut the deficit in half and he promised unemployment would be around 5.4% by this time. He could have done it in four years, he just put all the wrong policies in place. He's not proposing anything new or better, so he's gotta go. Obama being black is a biological truth and an observation; it's not a reason to vote for him.
  2. I don't like Obamacare. I'm too damn old to be on my mother's health insurance and if I can't afford it, then I can't afford it. That's my problem. It's caused her premiums to go up and it's taken more out of her paycheck. It's not worth it. Obama's goal was to lower the cost of health insurance and he ended up doing the exact opposite. In 2013 and 2014, Obamacare will cost people jobs, hours, and wages. For some, it will cause prices for food, clothing, and other goods to go up. We can't afford that right now. In a perfect world - or a communist country - Obamacare is a great idea. Right now, it's too expensive.
  3. Romney has experience in the private sector and in government. We need someone who not only understands business, but someone who understands the relationship between state and federal governments. Better yet, we need someone who has a track record of creating jobs and working in a bipartisan environment. Obama's disdain for underground energy has cost us jobs and money. I want that keystone pipeline, no matter what Hollywood says, and I want people in those coal mines doing whatever it is they do in coal mines. I want us to invest in natural gas, because relying on the middle east isn't going to work forever.
  4. America doesn't have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem. Spending money without a budget is reckless, and I know this from personal experience. We need to reform our entitlement programs, look into programs where we're wasting money or spending too much, and yes, we need to defund Planned Parenthood. Any business that can spend millions of dollars campaigning for Obama doesn't need federal funding. Plus, Mitt Romney believes in peace through strength and I'm counting on him not to give our military the very best because they deserve it!
  5. Abortion. I'm pro-life without exceptions and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's platform is pro-life with exceptions, which bugs me, but whatever. What makes me happy is when Mitt Romney said he won't pursue any "abortion-related legislation." Many liberals call it a flip-flop, but conservatives know better. Abortion should be a states issues, which is why I want Roe v. Wade overturned.
That's not the sum of all my reasons, but those reasons are what is most important to me. Another question I get, mainly from white conservatives, is why be so vocal when I get so much hate. Truthfully, it doesn't bother me. I'm not that strong or brave or courageous, I've just learned the hard way that no one's opinion but God's matters. Also, I'm very opinionated and I've been told I have a very strong sense of self. It's not in my nature to shut up. The color of his skin, or my skin, or what's between my legs is a non-issue. I want a President who is going to bring America together, not divide it. I want a President who knows I want a good job, not birth control or an abortion. How can I as a black woman vote for Mitt Romney, the white Republican man? The answer is values. God and Country. Simple as that.


  1. Great perspective on the whole politicalicture/ Savannah you have your head on right. I wish more Republicans thought like you

  2. Savvy indeed! You hit the nail on the head here. It depresses me how many of my friends have completely bought into the "Romney is going to take away your birth control and return us to the 1800s" narrative, especially considering that he is about as moderate as they come. And Obamacare needs to be overturned, pronto.

  3. You sound exactly like me! I am 20 and I voted for the first time, two weeks ago! Every view you have, I completely support. Like you as a Conservative voter I would rather have a Conservative pick, but I voted for the lesser of the two evils (Mitt Romney). At least he believes mostly how I do. I vote the Bible, I do not care what race or charisma the candidate has. I also commend you, I know it must be VERY difficult to be an African-American Conservative. I wish more African-Americans would take the courage as you do, especially since many are so involved in the church. I know many African-Americans who worship and plead the blood of Christ all day long, but the rest of their time they are campaigning for Obama. I wish they could see that beyond race, they are voting for everything against the Bible. They think they are doing themselves well by voting in the "Black Man", but really they are doing themselves a disservice. I also noticed how you said you voted in the NC primary, and was wondering what part of NC you are from? I ask because I am from Gastonia! I hope (even though it is looking unlikely)that NC is a Republican vote. May God Bless you, and I want you to know I admire you for taking a stand when many people in your race condemn you. Also, I follow you on Twitter... my name is @MeganMariee92 if you want to talk more! :) God Bless!

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful perspective.
    One issue that has bothered me is this: America voted the wrong black man to be the first black man to the highest office. His american heritage is paper thin. I am not suggesting Obama is not American, but his ancestry does not have the hallmarks of Presidential American history. Too little history, too little experience, and too big a mouth for me.
    My vision of America voting for it's first black president would be measured along side the greatness of MLK, Booker T Washington, DuBois, Et al.

  5. Mitt Romney is NOT a Christian. He is a Mormon...a part of the SAME church that said dark skinned people are cursed because they are a descendant of Cain. He has changed his stance on every issue and believes that giving people who make millions should pay less taxes than a middle income American. What kool-aid are you drinking to believe that makes sense? You state that your "Christian" beliefs are leading you to vote Republican but how can you as a Christian advocate taking someone's choice away. Jesus is a gentleman, he doesn't come in uninvited. If a woman chooses to abort her baby that is a decision that should be left between her and God. NOT Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and definitely not the state. We are Americans..we have a choice. Just because their choices aren't your choices doesn't make them bad people. Educate yourself on the issues at hand..taking away one liberty is a disservice to them all.
    I don't believe Obama has done all he has promised and yes I am angry at the state of our country, but, no other President in the history of the U.S. has inherited such a mess. Obama's plans may not have worked fully..but he has only had 4 years to fix a mess that took 8 years to create. He killed Osama Bin Laden, he got us out of Iraq, Obamacare helps millions of elderly and disabled veterans. It's not about a single is the sum of issues that has me giving this man another 4 years to finish what he started.

  6. Well, I give you props for at least being thoughtful about your choice of voting for Mitt Romney. As a African-American woman, I'm offended when I hear people say that black people are only voting for Obama because he's black. No, that's not it. Like you have with Romney, most people have examined the policies and beliefs of the man, and if they line-up with their beliefs, they vote for him.

    I'm somewhat offended that republicans think they can have exclusivity on claiming the moral high-ground. I don't see any charity, kindness, or love for their fellow human beings within the republican party.

    I am Catholic, and I can assure you that I am 'severely conservative' in my own PERSONAL life, but when it comes to public policies and the law, I appreciate the religious (and non-religious) freedom that America is SUPPOSED to afford all of it's citizens. I'd like for abortion to stay legal so that woman won't have to back to back alley abortionists or go back to sticking coat hangers into themselves to give themselves abortions, I would like for gays to be able to marry (civil unions - not forced ceremonies within churches), I'd like for people to be able to EAT - begrudging people food stamps is as low as you can get, I'd like for people who are sick to be cared for. I *WANT* my tax dollars to go these programs.

    Yes, I'd rather my tax dollars (taxes = redistributed wealth) go to help people who need the government safety net to live and flourish(Obama), then for my tax dollar to go to building and investing in *private* businesses and industries...the same businesses and industries that charge me two arms and two legs every chance they get(Romney).

    The auto and Wall Street bailouts were exceptional circumstances, so I give them a one time pass for that...

    Romney believes in corporate welfare that benefits big corporations and their wealthy shareholders. He's a money maker, not a job creator. If you think he's going to deliver 12 million new jobs here in the US, you can think again.

    Obama believes in helping Americans in need. While democrats grossly mismanage money, I do believe that their hearts are in the right place. The stimulus helped for a while. He's had to increase funding for social programs, otherwise people would be starving in the streets.

    I'm trying to understand your mindset as a can you not be for helping those in need? Would you have the hungry starve, and the sick just die? I'm really trying to understand where you're coming from, but I'm just not getting it.

    And please don't think that I'm trying to convince you to vote for Obama, or that your vote for Romney is wrong. You've obviously given your decision a lot of consideration, so more power to you. I've only written this to genuinely try to understand where you, and the rest of the Evangelical Christians, are coming from who are supporting Romney.

    I don't see Romney's policies as christian at all. Quite the opposite, in fact...

    1. With respect...there seems to be a bit of conflict within your professing to be a Catholic and actually living and practicing a Catholic life. The Lumen Gentium is not to be treated the same as you would treat the offerings at a buffet; picking and choosing what suits your appetite.

    2. Here is a letter I sent to Rush Limbaugh yesterday...I'd like to share it with you.

      Dear Rush,
      You all (Hannity, Beck and the rest) better change your message or WE will never win another Presidential Election. If you guys don't wake up and realize the 18-29 year old voters whipped our collective back-sides then there is no hope in another Republican President. I speak from an "everyman" perspective. Catholic, married, combined income of $95K a year, father of two young boys ages 14 and 11. The public educational system is stacked against us with union influence teaching a liberal agenda. By the time our kids come out of college they have met and discoursed with tens if not hundreds of homosexuals. These homosexuals are terrified of the GOP. They feel it is a party of exclusion. They don't feel welcomed. Most of that is because of guys like you. Remember, it is not just the INDIVIDUAL homosexual that is scared of the GOP it is everyone within his/her scope of influence. His friends, family and acquaintances. And you may not know this, but their scope is wide and deep. Why else did 63% of 18-29 year olds vote for Obama. It wasn't because of the great job market! What did 18-29 year olds make up of the total electorate this year? 23% is the number I heard. How many votes was that? 28 million nationwide? It's a lot more than the 3 million votes of nonvoting GOP'S that you're going on about. If we simply cut the 63% to 50% we would have won. How do you do that? Get with program. Take that silly cigar out of your hand on your web page. Stop coming across as an insensitive, know-it-all. These kids are watching Ellen everyday; a woman who preaches tolerance, and then they come to you and hear what they perceive as intolerance. I don't.... but they do. You better round the wagons my friend and decide what you're going to do....because your current course is on the road to continued losses for the GOP.

      Ps....I'm sure you will check my numbers and if I'm off by a big margin call me on it...but the gist of my point is a re-calibration of the young voter and how to bring them back. I tried to call for an hour but couldn't get through.

      Respectfully Yours,
      Bill L.
      Apex, NC

    3. "With respect...there seems to be a bit of conflict within your professing to be a Catholic and actually living and practicing a Catholic life. The Lumen Gentium is not to be treated the same as you would treat the offerings at a buffet; picking and choosing what suits your appetite. "

      I respectfully disagree with your assertion that I "pick and choose" anything. There is no conflict for me, at all. I live a very devout life. But for me, MY BELIEFS are MY BELIEFS. I do not want my religion, or any religion infused with politics or public policy decisions. There are Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, and various other religions that all have a right - a right given by our Constitution - to religious freedom in America. This right also included the right to believe in no religion at all.

      I do not believe in abortion. My religion teaches me that life begins at conceptions. Others do not believe this, so this does not shape their decision making process.

      Homosexuals. Do I think that God judges them harshly because of their sexual habits? No, I do not. I believe that homosexuality is a sin, but so is pre-marital sex and anal sex. Are heterosexuals who've engaged in these going to be damned to Hell because of their sex practices? I really do not believe that is true.

      I do not believe that any religion that forbids homosexuality should be made to perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals. I do believe that gays and lesbians should be able to have civil unions. Why fight to keep people who love each other apart? It's cruel, and causes pain and heartbreak to human beings.

      My attitude towards Romney and the republicans who seem to have very little pity for the poor: "But whoever has the world's goods, and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him? " ~~ 1 John 3:17.



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