Monday, November 5, 2012

She's So Hood!

One more day to go until this heated and devastatingly crucial election is over . After tomorrow we'll either have to look at Obama's face for four more years or we'll breathe a sigh of relief. The last day is sometimes worse than election day because some of us are at work wondering if we have enough time to do something, and some of us have the day off and we're wondering if we're using our time wisely. It's a lot on our nerves and our stomachs. Don't give up. We have until 7pm tomorrow!

In the middle of the heated exchanges, I'm offering everyone a good laugh. Democrat or Republican, I think everyone can agree that Paul Ryan has the cutest kids and his daughter, Liza, is hilarious. While on the campaign trail, Liza posed for a picture, showing her support for her dad.

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  1. This is cute:) Win or lose, I hope these families can remove the battle scars given to them by the MSM and liberal fanatics. It's the politicians' families that take such a beating in this process. I've never seen such hateful fear-mongering as I've seen this year. I hope all the children (both parties) heal from this.


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