Thursday, November 1, 2012

Planned Paradox

Newsflash Libnuts: The "War on Women" meme isn't working. But no one pushes a failed idea better than a liberal, so what can you expect. This ad, if you're too disgusted to watch, features celebrities wearing pink "Yes We Plan" t-shirts supporting Planned Parenthood and trying to convince us through Obama's words that he cares about women. This is the Planned Parenthood who abuses medicaid in Texas, leaves women to bleed to death on their "operating" tables in Illinois, and aborts baby girls nationwide.

Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood when he's elected and liberals love to use this to convince me he hates women. First off, I'm pro-life and I hate Planned Parenthood and any abortion provider. I don't care if they give cupcakes to homeless children, if they provide abortions I want them shut down. No amount of "good" they do can make me forget they use dead babies as their cash cow. I'm all for Planned Parenthood losing funding and I'm all for legal measures that would help women make a more informed decision. What aggravates me about this ad is the celebrities, people who claim they don't forget where they came from, but really have no idea what it's like to be a normal poor American. They work in an industry that is virtually unaffected by a recession or depression, so why would I expect them to understand what I go through or what anyone goes through. Honestly, it's insulting.

What Planned Parenthood gets in federal or state funding is minuscule compared to what they get through profit and private donations, so if you honestly think Planned Parenthood won't survive without government funding, then you're drinking the kool-aid. Planned Parenthood isn't fighting to keep their funding because they need it. They're fighting because they feel they are entitled to it, which makes them perfect Obama voters. You can't convince me a man who says women should make their own healthcare decisions yet pushes Obamacare and wants to force religious institutions to pay for their sex life cares about women. You can't convince me a man who thinks women are the sum of their reproductive organs cares about women. You can't convince me Planned Parenthood needs federal funding when they spend $12 million dollars campaigning for Barack Obama.

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  1. Planned Parenthood? Ha! Planned Murder Inc is more like it.


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