Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bigger, Better America

If you missed the Ohio Mega Rally on Friday, then you missed something special and I encourage you to find videos online. Senators, congressmen, governors, candidates and others from across the country made their way to that 30,000 crowd. When they all assembled on stage before Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan's speeches I thought to myself, "Man what a team!" It got me pumped up and excited, not just for Tuesday but for January. No more crap leadership, no more shifting blame. Best of all, no media ducking and covering for a mediocre president. I'm more than ready to see Obama go. Let's get this done, America!

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  1. Governor Romney-can hardly wait to call him President Romney-inspires. He is a man of honesty, integrity, and truth. He looks at his family and I know he wants them to live in freedom, not tyranny. Whatever he does for his family will be great for us too!

    Ann Romney will be a great First LADY. She will bring poise, integrity, honor, class, style, and beauty to the White House. I am proud to work in my little corner of the world to make it happen. -Allen Fulghum, PatriotInk


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