Friday, October 26, 2012

Trust In Me

Remember Kaa, the snake from The Jungle Book? He hypnotizes little Mowgli so he can eat him, while singing the song "Trust in Me?" I'm not saying Obama wants to eat the American people, but he is a snake in the grass.

Here's the deal: Mitt Romney did more than win  that first debate, he made the remaining debates a waste of time. He made Obama look like a weak challenger. Romney came off as presidential and a worthy presidential alternative. For many Americans, the substance is something they don't understand so they don't care - it's about image. The image of Obama sleeping through that debate hasn't gone away, and neither has his condescending behavior. For months, Obama has been defining Romney and voters were seeing him through Obama's eyes. That was the advantage Obama  had, but he threw that away during that first debate. Mitt Romney is now defining himself. He's not the man Obama said he was and it makes people question Obama and there's nothing people can do to turn that around. But he can try really hard.

His latest from the stump is telling his supporters, in one way or another, that Mitt Romney can't be trusted. "You want someone you can trust," he says, "You know I mean what I say."  He's not giving his supporters or undecided voters a reason to vote for him, he's manipulating them. Obama calling himself trustworthy is hilarious to me given the scandal he's found himself in with Benghazi. He told us his administration would be the most transparent, yet he can't talk about Benghazi without lying, pretending he said things he didn't say. Does he mean what he says? He said GDP would be at 4.0% and we're barely limping along with 2.0%. He said he would cut the debt in half when he's added $5 Trillion, triple what we promised. He promised unemployment would be around 5.4% by this time, but we're at 7.8% which is where Bush left us. I'm supposed to trust a man who's as good as Big Bad Bush on his worst day? Let's not forget executive privilege with Fast and Furious, the fact that Gitmo is still open, the "hidden" taxes in Obamacare, and how his so-called "Affordable" Care Act has driven up the price of health care and has forced many doctors to stop taking Medicare patients or give up their practices altogether.

The word "trust" is a hot word. It's heavy and has a lot of meaning. It resonates with people, and he knows that. He can't talk about his records, and no one takes his "plan" seriously, so he's playing mind games with words. The momentum and enthusiasm is on Romney's side, and the polls show it, and Obama can't find anything to say for himself outside of verbally beating down Romney? If is he can't give you reason to trust him, and his promises are no good, then why should you trust him?

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