Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Rocky Mountain Beat Down

Who watched last night's debate? After catching the last 30 minutes of the Dalton/McCrory debate I wasn't sure how I would sit through 90 minutes of Obama. To be honest, I tuned Obama out the moment he started speaking, but I got back on track and I made it through the entire debate plus an hour and a half of news commentary. I'm proud of myself, I can't lie. I was nervous going into the debate, nervous for Mitt Romney. I know he gave Newt a hard time during the primaries, but Newt is no Obama. Obama is a gifted orator, intelligent, a great communicator, and the king of cool. Mitt is a nice guy. That's how I've come to see him this last year. On the other hand, Obama has a very thin skin and he's going out there alone. No lapdog media and no teleprompter.

If I ever meet Mitt in person I will apologize for underestimating him because he OWNED Obama during that debate (or as Sean Hannity put it so eloquently, The Rocky Mountain Beat Down). He came prepared, locked and loaded, and ready for war. There was a fight in his belly we haven't seen since the primaries and it was amazing to see. The biggest shock to me wasn't Romney, but it was Obama. Obama looked like he'd rather be golfing, an "anywhere but here" attitude. He held his head, he was stammering, and he was unprepared. He came off his usual smug and arrogant self, and I expected that, but I didn't expect it to be so evident.

Romney challenged Obama and he didn't know what to do, he didn't know how to handle it. Could it be because he has never been challenged. No one has thrown his record in his face or confronted him with his failures or called him out on his lies. The media has coddled him for five years, demonizing anyone who would ridicule their messiah, so he's never had to answer to anyone. He looked like a child being scolded by his father. He kept rehashing the same misstatements and talking points, trying to define Romney and it just wasn't happening.

Obama and his people have been going around the talk shows playing off like they're not worried, when we know they are and they should be. Many people were introduced to The Real Romney for the first time and Obama exposed himself as weak. That debate was a job interview and he looked like he didn't want the job. Why would I vote for that? There were some funny moments during that debate. This was probably my favorite:

"Jim, you may want to move on to another topic." = "No mas!"

I heard specifics from Romney yesterday; I've been hearing specifics for months. What these liberals mean by specifics is beyond me, but to each their own. So what did you think of the debates last time?

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  1. You called it!

    Obama being coddled by the media for the past few years didn't serve him well in a situation like this that they were not able to control.

    That's the downside of media bias; you forget that your opponent, and the people who support him, aren't the same people in the attack ads, throwing grannies off of cliffs.


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