Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Race Over Grace

Actress Stacey Dash announced on twitter the other day her support for Mitt Romney and the backlash was expected and disgusting. Like I said yesterday, I don't understand how people live in this head space or how people can believe black people should think the same. We should be Democrats and support Barack Obama because...we're black? That doesn't make any sense to me. We're no longer in chains or limited by Jim Crow, so why would we stay shackled in this mental slavery where we have to believe, think, act, and vote a certain way? We of all Americans should understand and feel freedom, yet black people are willfully enslaved by the Democrat Party. Why? Other than be black in the White House, what has Obama done for the black community? Give us more food stamps? Free phones? Increase black unemployment? Diminish the black middle class? It's one thing for white people to suggest black people should think alike, but when black people drag their own people back to the plantation, it's heartbreaking. Harriet Tubman didn't risk her life for this and Martin Luther King Jr. didn't die for this. If you are black and you have it in your head that you should vote, think, act, listen to music, wear clothes, or do anything a certain way because you're black, then free yourself. 

Every now and then people on twitter like to call me a sell out or tell me I've sold out. I don't understand that either. Nothing I agree with is in line with the Democrat Party. I'm extremely pro-life, I don't support gay marriage, I don't like affirmative action, I don't like Big Government, and I believe in teaching a man to fish instead of just giving him a fish. If those are things I believe in, then why would I vote against them. Selling out would be to go against who I am, not who someone else is. Selling out would be to go against the Savior who saved and paid for me with his own life. Bishop Harry Jackson released a video yesterday of him giving four reasons why he can't vote for Obama. Something he said struck me like lightening and I can't get it out of my head. He said, "If you celebrate race over grace you ought to do badly." It's ignorant and foolish to use skin color as a litmus test and pledge our loyalty to someone or anything despite its negative effects on us as an individual or our community. This black group think isn't helping the black community, it's wasting all the progress we've made.


  1. Love you Savannah! Keep up the good work! Great post, I agree 100%! God bless! Go Romney!

    -John, South Dakota

  2. This post is 100% true and I'm a person who generally share the views of the Democrat Party. Right now, I'm undecided, and from that alone, I'm already receiving comments from friends at college that I'm betraying my own race due to refusing to back our current President for re-election. I actually did my homework and research in 2008 and honestly felt he was the best choice at the time, not because of his skin color, but now, I'm just disappointed and really confused. The whole issue with Lybia unfolding as of today is just pushing me further away from the President. I'll never understand why some people, not just our community, vote only on race, and not on the content and record of that candidate.

    Great post. You're a very strong woman.


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