Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama Wants To Be Your First

Once upon a time, Barack Obama had a huge advantage with the female vote, then a mysterious political monster came and closed the gap and now women are seeing Mitt Romney through their own eyes and not Obama's. This is a problem for the Obama campaign. How could this not work, with all their talk about free birth control and abortion and their Planned Parenthood lies and misleading the American public on the Lily Ledbetter Act? Obama treating women like they only care about what's in between their legs has backfired. Women want equal pay, Mr. President, but they want a job first. In an effort to regain the momentum he's lost with women, his campaign released this ad:

You do political ads that target a specific demographic with the purpose of reaching them where they're at, using words, phrases, and situations they'll connect with; so someone somewhere, or Obama himself, thought alluding to sex would resonate with women. Our President thinks this is the American Woman mindset? What are we? Streetwalkers? Spoken like a bad boyfriend who can't keep his promises, Obama's basically saying, "I'll do all this stuff and take care of you, baby, if you do this for me." It's wrong for Romney to seek women to work in his Cabinet, but it's okay for Obama to seek out women's voters like they're virgins at a frat party? I don't know who Lena Dunham is, nor do I care, but congrats to her on becoming the new "Julia," I know Sandra Fluke was really gunning for that prize. I would much rather waste my vote on a man who thinks, as a woman, I am valuable to the workforce than a man who thinks I only have one thing on my mind. I guess no one gave his campaign the memo that speaking to women's lady parts isn't helping.

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  1. Thank you for putting words to the anger I felt over this ad. "Our President thinks this is the American Woman mindset? What are we? Streetwalkers?"
    Keep up the good work. - Nancy


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