Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Many Days Until the Election...?

Seven Days. One More Week. This never ending political game is almost over and now is not the time to act like we're up by four touchdowns. It's close and we WILL NOT spike the football, we won't take a knee. We've got work to do. Make phone calls, go door to door, wear your Romney/Ryan t-shirts, sport your bumper stickers, blog, tweet, start Facebook conversations, talk to your family. Tell people to vote early or wake up early on election day. In seven days we get to tell Obama to pack his bags and move the hell out of the White House.

Yes, there's a hurricane and people are struggling and suffering, but for those of us who only know the devastation through the news, we have an election to win. Let them put their lives together, we'll carry on the fight for them. Don't get distracted or lose focus. Pictures of Obama acting like a president doesn't change the fact that unemployment is high, the debt is out of control, Obamacare will cost jobs, and Tyrone Woods was told to "stand down."

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. America Can't Lose.

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