Thursday, October 4, 2012

Compliments, in all shapes and sizes

Creative Loafing is a local paper that's about something and...I don't know. I've never actually read it, but a friend of mine on twitter pointed me to an article on page 30 and this is what I saw:

This has to be the best hypocritical compliment I've ever seen. Let me give you the non-hate filled version of this article: Sister Toldjah, whom I've known for at least a year and met officially at the Romney/Ryan rally in Mooresville, is Superwoman. She takes on dumb liberals like they're spineless worms, voices her opinions, concerns, values, and beliefs like she has nothing to fear, and then takes the time to stand up for her friends. The prejudice oozing from this article is disgraceful and hilarious. Do they not see the hypocrisy in their words? If this article were a tweet, she'd retweet it and we'd all have a good laugh because whoever wrote this is everything they claim she is: hateful. Sister Toldjah is also one of those "just a bloggers" Juan Williams was talking about. She writes about the news of the day and the news no one wants to report. She makes it her duty to inform people about both sides of the debate and what's going on between the lines. She asked me to check this out and let her know what I think. What do I think? I think it's awesome. I think anytime you expose hate, whether it's grabbing someone's attention and they write about you in a newspaper, is amazing. I also think it's hilarious. If she is so anti this and that, why give her exposure? She's "just a blogger" after all. Take their opinion with a grain of salt, the article to the right starts off with "Best Local Hipster Music 'Zine". The woman took on D.L. Hughley. I awesome can you get?!

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  1. Thank you! Really, thank YOU! WE need honesty in our dialogue. Our national discourse must rise to a level of moral & intellectual integrity if we are to maintain our civility... & our FREEDOM!
    Please get a HistoryStrip, teach America's story of freedom at home. 843.420.1956


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