Friday, September 14, 2012

What Have We Become?

I was going to wait and post about all of this when my anger subsided and my thoughts cleared, but I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw this. What a week this has been. Monday was normal, Tuesday was the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 and everything has gone to hell after that. Our embassy in Cairo was vandalized and our flag destroyed, and four brave Americans were murdered in Libya. Riots have broken out all over the Middle East like an Ebola virus, and our President is weak and spineless. The media wants to jump on Mitt Romney for condemning the administration for sympathizing with those who destroyed our property in Cairo, while Obama's policy of appeasement is partially to blame. Our enemies don't fear us and our allies don't trust us. We're not the America we used to be. We're not the "boot up your ass" America people wouldn't dare double-cross. We're an America that demonizes Mitt Romney for standing up for free speech. We're an America that would rather protect a failing President's "good name" than proclaim the greatness of our country to the world for fear of hurting someone's feelings. This is what we've become, and it disgusts me.

Many in the media, including our President and Secretary of State, would have us believe that this all started because of a video. Early today, Press Secretary Jay Carney went before the White House Press Corps and said this:

They keep saying nothing justifies what happened, but they negate that every time they bring up the damn video. If these acts are unjustified, then leave it at that. No "buts," "howevers," or "let me be clears." Every time they mention that video it makes us look weak, as if we're saying, "We didn't mean to do that, please don't destroy our embassies or kill our ambassadors." WHAT, AMERICA, HAVE WE BECOME!?

Please, Mr. Carney, tell me again how these TERRORISTS used to love us before that terrible video ruined our Middle Eastern bromance. In order for them to truly believe this is all about a video they would have to think on some level these savages liked us. And Mitt Romney's the one who is out of touch? WE'RE AMERICA! They hate us. They hate everything we stand for. They don't need a reason to destroy our flag, burn our embassies, or kill us. And if this is about a video, then our reaction should be, "So fucking what!?" We shouldn't stomp on free speech to calm their nerves or find a fellow citizen to feed to the wolves hoping it will all stop. We need to stand firm and scream, "We are Americans, damnit, and we will hunt you down if you try us." Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, and he's kept to his word. I don't recognize our country right now and I know this is not who we want to be. It's time to stand up and act like God Blessed Americans and take our country back.


  1. This should be heard by every AmerIcan. You are absolutely right. Great response to the situation & I hope this goes viral. Obama needs to READ IT. Congrats - you have the guts to tell the truth, unlike our own government.

  2. I agree with you. Our government is so wishy-washy and don't stand up for us. I personally think we need to withdraw all of our people from the middle east and then let them murder and burn their countries to their hearts content. We have to quit thinking we can save these people and just protect our borders from them.

  3. Well said, Savannah! You are very wise for your age - I only wish it were contagious.


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