Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Race Card in North Carolina

Walter Dalton, the current North Carolina Lt. Governor and Democratic Gubernatorial nominee, released this ad attacking his opponent, Pat McCrory, two days ago:

I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was 1960 or that we saw ourselves as victims. First off, any black anger over Voter I.D. laws should be aimed at Democrats for suggesting blacks are too poor and stupid to obtain an driver's license or an ID card. If that doesn't make you angry, then there's something wrong with you. When your hand starts to look bad and you run out of cards to play, you pull the race card. Walter Dalton is about eleven points behind Pat McCrory, former mayor of Charlotte. He's not going to win. Bev Perdue was a mistake. Our state is worse than when she became Governor, and Dalton being Lt. Governor doesn't help his cause. I've seen some despicable campaign ads, but this takes the top prize.

One of the reasons why my mom and my aunt (who is biracial) are slightly racist is because they see themselves as the "other". White people will never understand them because they're black and will never feel their pain, yet they pray to a God who saved us out of love and empathy. They will always have issues in the workplace because they're black and co-workers will forever be intimidated by them and uneasy around them because they're black women. One of the things I learned going to predominately white middle and high schools was that if you see yourself as different, then people will treat you like you're different. So, this "they don't understand our journey/experience" is something I grew up hearing and never identified with or understood. My journey began in 1987 when I was born. My journey took a turn when my father died in 1992. I went to great public schools and I went to a good college. My journey isn't tied to the color of my skin, but it's tied to the opportunities I took advantage of and the opportunities I threw away. It's tied to the people I love and the people I lost. My journey is mine and it's unique. Black liberals on twitter me ask me, in one colorful way or another, "What are the Republicans gonna do for you?" Where did this come from, this belief that politicians have to do something for us? Can we not do for ourselves. Are we so much the "other" we can't see ourselves as Americans? Jim Crow is over and slavery is done. There's no need to put your fate in someone's hands, unless it's Jesus. No one is going to do for you better than you.

Mr. Dalton should be ashamed of himself, pandering to black people saying, "That white man doesn't get you, but this one does." The black community is stuck in a time warp. We'll never progress as a people until we start reaching beyond the color of our skin.


  1. How old are you?!?! Quite wise for such a "young" age.

  2. My goodess, you are one smart woman, Savannah. I wish all people, regardless of race, saw things the way you see them (and as I see them). I hope that God continues to bless you in all ways.


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