Thursday, September 27, 2012

Have You Gotten Your Obama Phone?

Remember what Romney said about the 47%, some people who will vote for Obama no matter what as long as they get handouts? Yeah, he wasn't exactly wrong:

This is hilariously embarrassing. From what I can tell, this lady and a bunch of others are protesting outside of a Romney event in Ohio and she tells us not only why Obama's good, but also why Romney's bad. I have an iPhone I can barely afford and I would probably qualify for food stamps and an Obama Phone, but I love that it's my phone in my name and I earned it. There's something about something being yours because you worked for it. It feels great to do something for yourself, even if it's buying something shallow like a cellphone. This lady personifies what Romney was hinting at regarding the fundamental difference between Obama supporters and his supporters. It's the entitlement mentality vs. the work ethic. Why do better for yourself when Obama will give you free stuff? Why build that self-confidence when Obama will make sure you're okay with your victim mentality? Romney would never get this lady's vote. He wants to give her a decent job, not a free phone.

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