Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear Mom, I Can't Take Care of Myself

Let me start by saying that I can't make this up on my best day.

Remember Julia? The composite girl created by Obama and his people to show how Obama's policies take care of women from the cradle to the grave? Obama seems to love that premise, so he and his campaign created this e-card:

Read it a few times and let it soak in. I used to use birth control, for about six months when I started college. I did it because I felt like I was supposed to, not because I was sexually active or planning on it. Being eighteen and slightly irresponsible, it seemed like the right thing to do. I got it from the student health center and it cost me $10 a month with my insurance. Not bad. So where is this $18,000 coming from, you wonder? Planned Parenthood came up with that number, estimating birth control will cost $18,000 over a lifetime. That's anywhere from $15 to $50 a month, or $180 to $600 a year, assuming a woman will work to prevent pregnancy for thirty years of her life. $50 a month for medication that isn't medically necessary isn't that bad, especially when you have alternatives like the IUD, the shot, condoms or, God forbid, abstinence.

What Obama is trying to argue is that Mitt Romney wants to limit access, which is bogus. Mitt Romney doesn't want to force religious institutions to go against their faith or their conscience, nor does he want to force insurance companies to cover something that will force them to raise premiums. There's nothing wrong with that, unless you're an Obama supporter and you feel people and institutions HAVE to give you things or provide you with stuff.

What irks me about this e-card is it treats pregnancy like a disease and it treats dependency like it's the way to go. I's birth control, not heart medication or insulin. If I don't take an allergy pill everyday, I get sick. What's the worse that can happen if she doesn't get her birth control? She has to stop having sex? Oh the horror! There are cases where birth control helps with menstrual cramps and other lady problems, but our government shouldn't be subsidizing lifestyle choices. You don't want kids right now? That's your problem. Make changes in your life to fit your financial situation. Don't scream at Catholics to keep their rosaries off your ovaries then demand their colleges and hospitals and businesses pay for your contraception. You can't claim you can make decisions about your own body then ask government to pay for it. Financial independence is no longer a feminist ideal. 

Is this young woman, real or not, such an invalid she can't pay for own birth control and she needs her mom or government to do it for her? Do you see the problem? Our government claiming women can't get the things they want or need without government, that women can't take care of themselves without someone playing White Knight, is a problem. How disgusting to put women in a box as if they only care about their uterus and not the economy or what's happening in the Middle East. Women deserve better than this.


  1. Beautifully, elegantly said. Liberals pretend to believe that women are powerful, thoughtful and aware, yet treat women as a monolithic group of whiny, scared little infants who couldn't possibly take care of themselves or defend themselves, so Poppa Government has to protect their spurious "rights" which are always and only identified as the right to free birth control and the right to a tax-payer funded abortion for any reason at any time during pregnancy. Insulting, demeaning and ultimately, enslaving to women.

    1. Kathleen are so very right on. What happened to the 60s, 70's mantra of women empowering themselves? Seems the Dems want to take that back and turn us into what we have risen from.


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