Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Change of Plans...

I've lived in Charlotte since I was eight-years-old. My aunt lived here before we moved, so I've been very familiar with Charlotte my whole life. The weather is up and down, PMS as I like to say. It can rain one day, and snow the next. We'll be in the middle of a heatwave, then have three days of sixty degree weather. Charlotte weather is "you never know". Late summer is when we have a lot of rain before it starts to get dreary and dry, but again you never know. Winter isn't always winter and summer isn't always summer. When planning an event as large as the DNC, I would think you plan for the "you never knows" of life such as rain or a hurricane.

If you're planning for the "you never knows" and you want a massive crowd to show the world the President is still loved, then why oh why would you choose a football stadium without a dome. When I first heard they were using Bank of America Stadium my first thought was, "What if it rains?" I always thought Time Warner Cable Arena was big because it sits like a pimple in the middle of Uptown Charlotte, but it's actually very small for something like this. Because of the way it's setup, they're only using 75% of the arena, if that. Where am I going with this?

Barack Obama was supposed to give his big speech tomorrow at Bank of America Stadium, but they had to move it indoors because of rain. Some say they were having trouble filing those seats and the rain was a great excuse. Either way, it's 50,000 or so less seats for people who volunteered and waited to get tickets and it was bad planning on their part. Charlotte in general is too small for something like this and they're starting to figure it out.

The DNC started with issues. The Monday event was supposed to be at Lowe's Motor Speedway outside of Charlotte, but they moved that to the middle of downtown Charlotte and it got rained out. It's ironic to me how they spent all their energy refusing to call the stadium by it's name and they won't even be using it and now the "most open and accessible convention in history" is forced to shut people out.

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  1. Ironic isn't it? They close people out left and right. They do not want to embarass the Big O by having him speak to empty chairs? LOL. Clint Eastwood hit it right on the money I feel.

    Your blog is refreshing and full of truth. Liberals will not argue with someone straight up with truth because they will always lose. They must change the argument and go on the offensive. They cannot answer a simple question. They cannot tell you why they chose to omit God's name from the platform, and if you ask them a direct question about it, suddenly you are accusing them of being "godless people". Thank you for writing this blog, and I will be checking back in the future to see what you have to say. I am going to share as well.



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