Monday, September 17, 2012

2016: Obama's America

I've retweeted support for this movie multiple times, but personally this isn't a movie I was anxious to see. I'm not big on political documentaries, or documentaries in general. The theater is a "sacred" place where I go to escape, not deal with real life issues; so the thought of sitting through an hour and half of something I hear about in the news everyday wasn't appealing. However, people I follow on twitter have been going on about it and won't shut up, so I caved.

"2016: Obama's America" is a brave attempt to answer the question no one asked in 2008: Who is Barack Obama? One of the main reasons I didn't vote for Obama is because he was such a mystery. We knew everything, and too much, about John McCain and Sarah Palin, but asking deep questions about Barack Obama was met with hostility and accusations of racism. That resistance and the media's blatant lack of interest told me something wasn't quite right with him. With Dinesh D'Souza guiding us through Obama's life, childhood to presidency, we're given the opportunity to know things we should have known four years ago. Think about it? How could a nobody senator from Illinois, who spent much of his time in the senate campaigning, become President?

Does D'Souza answer the question? Almost, not quite. He leaves you with more questions because, knowing the America we know, it just doesn't make any sense how we've allowed ourselves to get to this point. He does the best he can placing himself in Obama's shoes and traveling to the places where Obama spent much of his life, using Obama's own words as his guide. We go to Indonesia where Obama lived with his mother and step-father, and Kenya where his father is buried. We even get to meet George Obama, the long lost brother no one wants to talk about. We learn about the man who mentored a young Obama and the terrorist he called "friend." We are given a clearer picture of who he is and why his values are what they are, but for whatever reason it's not enough. However, that's not the point of this film. The point of this film is for us to take a glimpse into the past so we can better understand our future if he is to be re-elected, and that's how the "not knowing enough" is powerful.

In retrospect, I'm glad I waited to see this film because it puts last week's event into perspective. Our weak reaction, our lying administration, it all makes sense. What also makes sense now, because of this film, is the media's blind need to protect him. I have a better idea where our country could go if we re-elect him and I now understand how our plight affects the rest of the world. It's important  for us as voters to consider not only the events that are happening now, but also the hypothetical "what ifs" of the future. "2016" is hated by critics, of course, but it's unexpected success is damaging to Obama's campaign. Americans are a curious people and have a bad habit of wondering what the big deal could be.

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  1. I saw the film as well. I thought it was interesting but lacked substance. Like him or not Michael Moore has a great talent of drawing you into his documentaries until you are almost attached as if it were a first hand encounter regarding the issues he addresses. But, this film was largely based on maybes and what-ifs. The fact that D'Souza tried to get Obama's brother to be much more critical was obivous. Yet its a fact that he has said repeatedly in other outlets he does not seek nor want help from Obama. I felt it was a far reach to connect the colonization and Obama Sr. to a son he barely knew. Lastly, I take associations in general with a grain of salt as they are not nesecarily a reflection of who one is. For example the whole Romney ordeal with the candid recordings at the fund raising event was held at the home of the CEO of Sun Capital who is known to be a voyeur and part of a more casual and free sex life style. Does that mean if I'm morally against such a lifestyle I should not vote for Romney? NO of course not my best friend from high school is in jail for 47 years for murder, armed robbery, attempted murder, and a few other crimes. But, since I was friends with him from the age of 12 - 22 does that mean I'm possibly capable of those things? No of course not...while I agree who you associate with should be done carefully sometimes those who hold a key to get you to a goal may not have the most admirable past yet its a vice you must use to reach your goal. End of the day I found it interesting but too vague and too highly based on circumstantial evidence, maybe and what ifs.


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