Friday, August 24, 2012

The Zero Percent

NBC came out with a poll a few days ago that says 0% of African-Americans support Mitt Romney. The margin of error was +/- 3%, but still...something is off. Out of 1000 people polled, a little more than 100 of those were African-American, so clearly we were underrepresented. I take every poll with a grain of salt, but this struck me. Does anyone actually believe this? The Toure did, apparently, and Moby thought it could mean it could be less than 0% percent.

Get Real! We are out there, we do exist. I exist. I am a Liberal's worst nightmare, and I embrace it. There was even a nice hashtag that was trending on twitter. Many people yesterday found out they were not alone and others found out there was more than they realized. Black Republicans. Gay Republicans. Latino Republicans. Yes, we do exist.

I won't say I have this "black conservative" thing down, nor will I call it easy. I'm not always as brave and bold as I want to be and there have been times when I should have spoken up and I didn't. I want to speak up if only to show others there's nothing to be afraid of. I have a bit of advice for my Black Conservatives, Black Republicans, Black Libertarians, and Black Democrats who don't want to vote for Obama:

People are hateful and there's nothing you can do about it. It's okay to fear disapproval, but when you let that fear keep you quiet, you're a coward. There's no big book of Black laws that says you have to put color before character or you have to be a Democrat. No where does it say you have to love Planned Parenthood and welfare or think Affirmative Action is a good thing. You can live free in the present and not be chained to a past you did or didn't experience. You can like small government principles, lower taxes, and personal responsibility. You can value school choice and homeschooling. You can teach your children there are winners and losers and to build themselves and not wait for someone else to do it. You can call yourself American or Christian before you call yourself Black. Most importantly, there's no law saying you have to support Obama in this election. And yes, people will give you hell.

The people who give you hell will be your family and closest friends. Real friends will look at you crazy then try to understand, others will lash out. Liberal white people will try to tell you what your values and "interests" are and black liberals will call you every name in the book in hopes you'll come back to the plantation. Sadly, you'll get more hell and hate from people who claim to be "your people" than anyone else. And you know what you do? You smile. You thank God for giving you a brain, for giving you courage and patience, and for giving you a voice. You pray God would touch the heart of the individual who issues you ill will. The best thing you can do, especially on a social network, is to expose it. Bring the darkness to the light and educate others. The best part about it is you'll find you have real friends. That person will be hateful whether you are who you are or not, so just be you and let their blood boil.

Don't let the Liberal lies fool you; I have yet to meet a white conservative who didn't welcome me with open arms. If I can do it, anyone can do it. So to my black conservatives or those who aren't voting Democrat on Nov 6th, you're not alone.

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  1. Great advice. And God Bless.

    My natural inclination with anyone who wants to give me hell ... on anything ... is to give them Hell Squared!

    But that's just me. Your approach might actually be a bit more Everlasting.


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