Thursday, August 30, 2012


People say crazy, mean things to me all the time. It's nothing new to me. I expect it. People lash out at things that scare them or they don't understand. A Black Republican or Black Conservative is scary to many people. Not sure why. I'm an American, like anyone else. But this, I had to share:

What an Uncle Tom bitch you are. How dare you support Romney/Paul over a well educated black man? Really? Are you that far up the white man's asshole? You're a disgrace to the black community! While you're dissing your race romney and paul supporters are all laughing at you ! they don't care about minorities or women in general ! Black republicans? Wow that is so sad you might as well bleach your skin white you dumb uncle tom bitch.
This genius left the comment on my post about the "Republicans for Obama" ad, so I'm not sure what this has to do with that. I could delete it, but I want people to see this. I want people to see the ugly, the vile, and the disgusting. Not to pity me, or give me virtual hugs. A good chunk of my fellow Romney/Ryan supporters will never walk in my shoes or understand what it's like to be a black conservative, but I still want them to see it and be motivated by it. This doesn't shake me, hurt my feelings, or make me think twice. It makes me want to speak LOUDER just to upset this person's nerves, just to make their blood boil because they're too busy worrying about me instead of getting their values in line. They didn't leave a name or an e-mail, so they took the coward route. I can guarantee you they wouldn't say this to my face. Like I said a week a few days ago to my fellow Black Conservatives, the worst of it will come from people who claim to be your people. People will say hateful things to you while claiming other's hate you. I want it to open your eyes and I want it to be a message to other black conservatives that you're not alone and you don't have to feel bad. If this person thinks I'm a disgrace, then I am really proud of who I am.


  1. What a dumb nigger, we are laughing at you.

  2. That is truly tragic and I'm so sorry that this is what a black conservative in today's America has to go through. This president has created this ugliness and he will continue to give more of the same if he gets 4 more years. Talk about needing to "heal the planet."

  3. Wow, came to leave a comment about your twitter feed and see that first ugly comment.

    You are bright and funny, and you're only 25? Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to me, and I'm 56! I love your humor and sarcasm, stay in the game!

    A fan from California

  4. It's obvious you have low self-esteem by the way you look. You are a lover of white boys but let me be the first to inform you you're unattractive,ignorant,heavy,out of shape, and you're not their style. For the record they don't laugh with you they laugh at you you're ignorant to the fact that they talk down about black people and you still support them? You are blacker than ever you are not even a light skin black. What a disgrace you are to the black community you have no pride in where you come from you just want to be "white". You must be the illegitimate daughter of Clarence Thomas cause your frame of thinking is absurd like his. That's all that needs to be said to an unattractive ignorant Republican like you.

    1. When people are weak or you're unhappy with yourself, you do stuff like this. "I'm gonna tear you down, so you're as low as me." I'll be a disgrace if it means I never have to be this person. Thanks for the compliment!

  5. Those hateful comments are the kind of ugliness I have come to expect from the Left. Unfortunately you'll occasionally see some rotten stuff from our side as well, but it's generally nothing like the ignorance and hate you get from the liberal camp. Keep up the great work, Savvy!

  6. Just curious, but wouldn't it be much easier to delete the blog,say the right words, and then just vote how you want in the privacy of the voter's booth? I say this because you have to take an incredible amount of hate and vitriol by being so open and public on what you think. Frankly, most people don't have to pay the price you have to pay. I would think that over the long run, it would really wear on you.

    I read a book by Michelle Malkin a couple of years ago and she included a section of some of the hateful and racist comments she had received over the years. She has children and it seems she is making a real sacrifice by publicizing her beliefs.

    I can only assume you must be really tough to handle it. Good luck.

  7. Savvy,
    I follow you on Twitter and read your blog. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs, and I am proud to call you sister. Much love to you from Ohio.


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