Saturday, August 11, 2012


Yep! I made that, and I'm proud. I'd be a liar if I said Paul Ryan isn't swoon-worthy, but I do love it when he talks economics. I woke up this morning to a message on my phone saying Mitt Romney had picked his running mate, and Paul Ryan is his guy. I've been on cloud 9 all day, smiling like a crazy person. I even had a little dance party while I watched the news.

Paul Ryan is a good guy. Textbook definition of good ole Catholic boy next door. Strong, honest, and  fearless. He's got the conservative and Tea Party base dancing on their toes, and liberals and Democrats shaking in their boots. The race is officially on, and I'm excited! I like that Mitt Romney picked someone who's in the middle of our congress mess, who understands what's happening on both sides and why things aren't going the way they should. This is someone who can aid Mitt Romney on the best ways to get us out of this mess and back to fiscal responsibility and stability. The worst the Democrats can say about Paul Ryan is his budget; and in order for them to attack it they have to lie about it...and duck explanation as to why one hasn't been passed in the first place. The best part about Paul Ryan is that the Tea Party loves him, and the Tea Party has this crazy habit of getting things done.

So I approve. Mitt did good. I am OFFICIALLY endorsing America's Comeback Team! Romney/Ryan 2012! It's time to take America back!

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