Friday, August 24, 2012

I AM WOMAN...and Obama still can't hear me!

This is the issue I have with Democrats when it comes to women. It's a well done AD and I'm sure those are real Republicans or former Republicans upset with the party. Understandable. It happens. No biggie. What upsets my nerves is the main issue they talk about in this ad which is abortion and birth control. The "equal pay for women" thing is BRIEFLY mentioned (which you can read the truth about here), but Abortion and birth control seems to be the focus. This ad is obviously aimed at Republican women, many of whom are pro-life and support laws limiting abortion and view the HHS Mandate as a violation of the First Amendment. Most Republican women view abortion laws as protecting life, not limiting women's rights; and most Republican women don't view abortion as a right, but as murder. So I don't know where he's going with this. Most Republican women, including myself, are insulted when Democrats insinuate their vagina is somehow the most important thing or that government should pay for one's sex life or force companies to provide free birth control.

Some women are stay at home moms who buy gas, clothes, food, and do the budgeting for their home. Some women are unemployed and struggling to find work. Some women are single individuals whose's employer cut pay to keep from laying people off. Some women are more concerned with the national debt and unemployment rate than who they're going to sleep with tonight. For Obama to insinuate abortion and birth control are number one on women's minds is wrong, insulting, and out of touch. Is he even listening to women? Not every woman is Sandra Fluke who wants her problem to be everyone's problem. Sorry Obama.


  1. Well said. You are a brave young lady.

    1. What an Uncle Tom bitch you are. How dare you support Romney/Paul over a well educated black man? Really? Are you that far up the white man's asshole? You're a disgrace to the black community! While you're dissing your race romney and paul supporters are all laughing at you ! they don't care about minorities or women in general ! Black republicans? Wow that is so sad you might as well bleach your skin white you dumb uncle tom bitch.

    2. That anonymous poster is an idiot! Race has nothing to do with who is qualified to run the country. Good for you for making your own decisions by looking at the issues and making your own opinions instead of just following people based on ethnicity!!!

  2. You are awesome. I'm white. I'm grateful for you. I'm praying for you. I deeply respect you and I'm definitely not laughing at you.


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