Friday, July 13, 2012

Response to Clinton

Clinton Jiggetts wrote a comment on one of my posts a few days ago and I promised a response. I thought about sending an e-mail or posting in the comments, but this seems to be the best way. People may ask me the same questions or say the same things, so read carefully.

"My issue with the whole gay marriage issue is it should not matter to individuals. Marriage was taken out of church the day I could go down to City Hall and get married instead of in a church. The fact that a atheist or agnostic can get married is evidence as well."
I try to have a God worldview of things. I don't always, but I try my hardest. Saying that, I don't care how atheists or agnostics or any human being views marriage. I care how God views marriage and God views marriage as between one man and one woman. Society's ever-changing view of marriage doesn't change how God sees it. Going down to city hall doesn't change how God views marriage. Whether you're in your church, in city hall, at the beach, or in your backyard it is still a covenant between a man and woman and the Lord. As a Christian, it should matter to you because it matters to God. That's it. Period.
My issue is how the Bible is cherry picked in regards to what is relevant and what is not. When I read Leviticus alone there are many things that good God fearing Christians do that is deemed a sin. Furthermore, some Christians argue Paul made the Jewish laws of the old testament null and avoid, except homosexuality of course.
What Christians do and how Christians read doesn't change what the Bible says. I don't hear Christians arguing that about Paul. The Bible says Jesus fulfilled the law by dying on the cross. What Leviticus calls sin is still sin because it's repeated in the Gospels, Romans and Corinthians, but the "self-cleansing" is no longer necessary. I go into that here.
"I think its a shame that a convicted murderer will be embraced in a church faster then a homosexual. I'm a bigger believer in leading by example and show Jesus' love."
It is a shame because Jesus calls us to love them regardless, but here's the thing to remember: For the wages of sin is death. If a convicted murderer accepts Christ and the homosexual doesn't, that's a problem. The church has become fearful of the word of man and not the Word of God, and that's why you have dead church's like Carrie's.
"Though I know telling someone something is wrong is not nesseacrily evil and you are trying to save their goal but with so much itnerputation and so much translation in the history of the Bible(I could write for another week on what King James, and Constatine did alone) I believe its best to share and spread love, pray to God seperate your religous beliefs from the will of the people..."
If by "spread love" you mean sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then I agree. If we're talking about love and not Jesus then there's no love in our words. We're not called to accept Christ, read the Bible, pray to him and go about our business. Who are we to keep this Good News to ourselves? To share the love of Christ is the definition of love. God sent Jesus to bring man to himself and Jesus walked this earth to teach us how to do that. We show Jesus' love by proclaiming His name. That's it. Period.

"What if instead of Judeo-Christian values being the foundation of our country it had been Jewish laws...what if you wanted ribs but was told its a sin because its pig, or wanted to eat shellfish, or as a woman was told it is unclean for you to share a bed with your husband during your time of the month because it was deemed unclean in the bible, or its unclean to cook diff foods in the same pan, or woman must be covered from neck to ankle be submissive to your husband, and bear children until your husband alone decides to stop, or you have no freedom of speech to write this blog, or its ok to keep slaves, or an adulterous woman alone (not the man) should be stoned..."

"I can go on and on there are lots of rules/laws/sins in the Bible we choose to ignore but why is this issue so much greater? When I read the New Testament I'm most fond of the four gospels as they demonstrate the son of God going against the grain of everything...he saves the adulterer, eats with the tax collector, touches the lepers, is resrrected and presents himself to woman first (at a time woman word was only as good as her husband because they had no independent thoughts or ideas legally)...he should time and time again that loving your brother as you love yourself is pinnacle to eternal life, not condemning and trying to change by force the 'sins' of others."
Jesus didn't just spend time with them. He taught them about his Father in Heaven and he saved them from their sin. By accepting homosexuals in the church and not preaching the sin of homosexuality, we're not loving them as Jesus would love them. The same goes for murderers, liars, etc. Churches need to be more welcoming, but NOT stray from the word of God to keep their membership numbers up or keep people happy. This issue is no more important to God than any other issue, but it is the issue that's become front and center in our culture. As Christians, we can't ignore it.

In general, Christians cherry-picking is an issue but it has no bearing on what God's Word says. God said more than once, in one way or another, that we must speak his words whether people want to hear it or not.

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Then we never would have traveled to the "New World" in the first place because that's pretty much what we had in England.

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  1. Thanks for your response...though I disagree with your some of your responses. I always respect one's opinion and never claim to have the perfect answer (though I'm always right, lol jk). I'll be sure to follow your blog in the future and argue as well. Have a Blessed evening or at this point day!


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