Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't Mess With Madeleine

The Huffington Post released a list of "Top 20 under 20" to follow on Twitter. Teenage Maverick, Madeleine McAulay made that list...for a little while. They removed her from the list and they have yet to give her an explanation. It could be because she's conservative or Christian or that she's not shy about her views on gay marriage. Maybe she didn't fit among the Nickelodeon stars, athletes, fashion commentators, One Direction singer, and Chloe Grace Moretz (whom I love). Who knows. Since Huffington Post is chicken, I'll tell you why you should follow her.

Miss McAulay is sixteen-years-old and too young to vote, but she's far more well versed in politics and current events than most adults. She's an ambitious young woman who is working hard to get more teens involved in matters that affect them, educating people on how what's happening now will affect them later on in life. She's been interviewed by our local Fox Affiliate, Fox and Friends, and Charlotte Magazine. To top it all off, she'll be speaking at Rock the Red 2012 here in Charlotte. She has her own YouTube channel, blog, and she just started a podcast. In addition to her own blog, she's written pieces for She's someone to follow because she's a good example. She's who our teenagers should be, striving for purpose and working to make this world a better place. She's had a YouTube video banned because she's unashamed and she's working on a book because she has way too much to say. She's fearless and my own little hero, and if The Huffington Post wants to let people's bigotry and intolerance keep them from seeing what a gem Madeleine is, then that's their loss. Do yourself a favor and follow Madeleine:


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