Friday, June 15, 2012

Who's Got My Back?

I thought we could just leave it to Tyler Perry to send us back to the black stone age of wading in stereotypical waters, but along comes Obama. After endorsing gay marriage, Obama is nervous about the black vote. Support for Obama among black voters in North Carolina has actually dropped to around 76%, which is amazingly low. I figured he'd do something stupid, desperate and meaningless to pander to black voters, but I didn't see this one coming. A few days ago he released a radio ad to black radio specifically targeting black voters, and this is what he came up with:

In this ad he gives us old clips about higher taxes for the rich, lower tuition costs, better health care, and more college degrees, none of which he's come through on. His health care law is in SCOTUS limbo right now, so that doesn't count. "We have to show this President we have his back." says the narrator. Why should we have his back? The national unemployment rate is 8.2%, but for blacks its 13.6%. With home ownership, the high school dropout rate, crime, abortion, etc it's always worse for blacks and we only make up about 11 to 13% of the population. And under Obama, who was supposed to have our back, it hasn't gotten any better. So why should we have his back? He's done NOTHING for the black community.

This ad is a guilt trip. It hits a nerve deep within the black community called loyalty. It's very hard to explain unless you've been raised with it, but I heard it a lot from family and friends in 2008 how I should vote for Obama to show loyalty. "Where is your loyalty?" My mom actually asked me that when I told her I wasn't voting for Obama. Loyalty in the black community is an emotion and a promise more than anything, and I struggled with this in 2008 and most of my life. Black is more than just the color of your skin, it's an identity. Stepping back and saying "I'm more than the color of my skin" is hard and every black conservative will go through that. Obama has nothing to offer the black community, and he can't win without them, so he's going to guilt them into it.

Aside from this ad being manipulative, it's incredibly offensive. He used a "Hey, my brotha" kind of approach and as a black person, I'm insulted. I can't put it into proper words, but it's unbelievable. This is Obama's perception of the black community. This should bother you.

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  1. David Maraniss's new biography of Obama sort of fact checks "Dreams From My Father." Not surprisingly, there are loads of whoppers in it. However the big insight he gathers is how alien the black community is to Obama. That was the purpose of many of the whoppers in Obama's book; to show a journey to the black community that he never really made in real life.

    So if he says, "Hey my brotha" it's because he doesn't have any more idea how to appear authentic to the black community than your average white, Whole Foods shopping hipster.


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