Friday, June 29, 2012

More of the Same Madea

I, for one, believe it's time for Madea to ethier retire or drop dead. How much more of the same can this character possibly go through? I understand why Tyler Perry released another Madea film after the box office disappointment that was "Good Deeds," but give it a rest! Come up with something original! This is better than his last Madea film, but worse all at the same time. This film didn't have all the extra black stereotypes and overused archetypes he uses, but it's like he didn't even try with this one. This one had white people in it, and it was the black vs. white culture shock that is so overdone. It's not funny anymore. As a matter of fact, this film isn't funny at all, unless you find second jokes and a hood-talking Denise Richards hilarious.

I've seen better acting from Denise Richards and Eugene Levy, but the writing and blocking was so bad I don't think they had a chance. The young girl, Danielle Campbell playing an angry teenage brat, had the best lines, but she was so flat. She did a Disney Channel movie a few years ago and this is garbage compared to that performance. She's a good actress with a lot of potential, but Tyler Perry is a poor director and she deserves better. I don't know why Romeo Miller was in this film. I guess he was supposed to add conflict, but it was unnecessary. They could have left him on the cutting room floor and no one would have known the difference.

What makes this film such a failure is the lack of story. There isn't much of a plot. This family is supposed to be hiding from a mafia that wants to kill them, but we only see anyone from the mafia once, and it's before they go into hiding. Different moments throughout the film I kept thinking he could have done something with this or that instead of a crappy, pointless montage. There's no climax, no real ending resolution, and a bunch of unnecessary plot points. It's as if Tyler Perry woke up with this idea and didn't stop to consider whether it was good or bad. He has a loyal fan base and they'll pay money to see it, even when it's crap, but I'd like to think some of them have grown a brain.

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  1. Good thing I don't do Madea movies.



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