Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holder and the Race Card

I'd like to skip the synopsis and get straight to the point, but I will say this: Brian Terry died. In this entire mess, that is the most important truth. A man, who deserves our respect and gratitude, died for his country. He died by enemy fire...with our guns. Someone authorized this botched operation known as "Fast and Furious" and someone must be held accountable. Democrats were on board and gung-ho...until the investigation lead to the White House. Up until a week ago, the only major news network talking about "Fast and Furious" was Fox News, and when other networks picked up the story they distorted the message. The "Blame Bush" started almost immediately by misinforming the public on the origins of "Fast and Furious" and making it seem as if this debate just started, so let me make three things clear:
  1. "Fast and Furious" started in 2009
  2. Eric Holder was issued the subpoena October 2011.
  3. Brian Terry died December 2010
This has been going on for quite some time, and the mainstream media wouldn't talk about it until they had to because this botched operation makes Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama look bad. How bad? So bad, they want to talk about the economy. President Obama wasn't in the middle of this until last week when he invoked Executive Privilege over documents Eric Holder has refused to hand over since October 2011 when he was first issued the subpoena. Executive Privilege isn't new or outrageous, it's been around since President Reagan. It's not the act of Exective Privilege that's appaling, it's the context in which it's being used. A supoena for these documents was issued in October of last year, but Obama decides to show up in June, minutes before the House Oversight Committee votes on a resolution to hold Eric Holder in contempt. Obama said in an interview that he didn't know about "Fast and Furious" and Holder told congress neither he nor Obama knew about "Fast and Furious", so Obama's last minute action leads one to wonder what could be so damning in these documents. And if this is about protecting internal communication or national security, then why not do this nine months ago? If these documents show Obama and Holder knew about "Fast and Furious" and/or authorized it, then Holder needs to be charged with perjury and Obama is in big trouble. And if that is what the documents say and it's not protecting internal communication or fall under privilege, then it's a misuse of Executive Privilege, and it's illegal. The bottom line is Eric Holder lied to Congress and didn't comply with the subpoena. A contempt order makes sense.

Bring on Nancy Pelosi and Reverend Al Sharpton to twist and turn things for the worst. Distract is part of the Obama campaign and it was kind of working up until "Fast and Furious", so they're at it again. Last week, Nancy Pelosi accused House Republicans of voter supression since Eric Holder's number one priority is, apparantly, getting rid of state Voter ID laws. South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy said it perfectly when he called her "mind-numbingly stupid." The argument against Voter ID is it disenfranchises minority voters. I can understand the elderly and the disabled, but to suggest skin color puts one at a disadvantage in obtaining a government issued ID is, for lack of a better word, racist. This is Nancy Pelosi's attempt at distracting and deflecting from what "Fast and Furious" is really about and to keep the public angry and divided, and it's a desperate attempt. Reverend Al wrote an op-ed for the Huffington Post and stated:

"The highest officer of law and order in this nation has been ridiculed, scapegoated and handled as some sort of criminal throughout this 'investigation.' Turning over thousands of documents and overextending himself, AG Holder was spoken to and mistreated as if he were a child, and reminded that despite his esteemed position, he can and would be profiled. AG Holder was in essence 'stopped & frisked' without probable cause, and after he cooperated, he was made an example of. What Issa just showed us is that no matter what our stature in this world, someone can easily try to 'put us in our place.' What could be more outrageous?"
Attempting to label Republicans as racist isn't unusual for liberal Democrats, especially when they run out of cards to play, but in this instance it's a low blow because Brian Terry died. In Reverand Al's case, it's stupid. Holding the highest office of law and order in the nation doesn't mean Eric Holder can't or won't be held accountable for his actions, and the color of his skin doesn't mean House Republlicans should hesitate to do what's right. Holder lied to congress and didn't comply with a subpoena and there are consequences. That's not a racial issue or a political issue. Later in his piece, Reverand Al decides to try and justify "Fast and Furious" by blaming the Bush Administration for Operation Wide Reciever, which was a gun running program under Bush that had different results and ended way before "Fast and Furious" got started. Trying to envoke gun running programs of Christmas past doesn't change the fact that "Fast and Furious" started during the Obama administration and Brian Terry died on Obama's watch. Blaming Bush can't squash those truths or make it better or justify it. The highest office of law and order is not a safe haven for misconduct, misuse of power, or lying.

Reverand Al is right about one thing. Obama and Holder's positions in government, as high as they are, are not so high that they can't be put in their place. Their place is serving the American people and when they step out of line, Congress has the right as our representatives to correct them.

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