Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don't Ask Questions...

Let's shatter this "Law and Order" myth right now. In North Carolina, along with every other state, the police do not have to read you your Miranda Rights upon arrest. They are read to you before you are questioned. If anything, its best the police say as little as possible to you during your arrest.

Okay, got that out of the way.

Who needs a teaching degree? I could get a teaching job in Rowan County if this is the standard. I don't know if this lady is ignorant or blatantly lying, but this is outrageous. This lady is letting her own personal bias get in the way of her teaching. This could have been a good, healthy debate if  she didn't have a freak attack. What is she teaching our students? Disrespect is okay in some cases and asking questions equates to disrespect? Everybody and their mother bad mouhed Bush when he was in office, and would she have had the same reaction if a student called Bush a bully? We know the answer. And to top if off, she doesn't even understand slander when it comes to public figures or slander in general.

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