Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whatchu Say?

The Trayvon Martin case seems to be never ending, and every day it's something new. This is something CNN did and I know it kills them. They, along with NBC, MSNBC, and ABC, have gone along with the "Zimmerman is a racist who was racial-profiling Travyon" narrative, and its beginning to crumble. As it turns out, George Zimmerman enjoyed mentoring kids through the Big Brother program (which is predominately black youth) and he was one of a few people who stood up for a black homeless man who was beaten some time ago. This doesn't sound like a mad racist, but hey! As long as they got "fucking coons" on tape, they can keep the narrative going. Yeah...about that.

This isn't new news. If I can find the link then I will post it, but a guy enhanced the 911 tape and, to him, it sounds like Zimmerman said, "It's fucking cold." Listening to the entire tape, that makes perfect sense. Remember, Trayvon was wearing a hoodie and Zimmerman was wearing a jacket. It was in the mid to low 60s that night and it was raining. I'm not a resident of Southern Florida, but I am Southern and mid to low 60s with a nice breeze and rain is cold. CNN enhanced the tape once before, and this is their second go-round at it. Increasing the volume and taking out the background noise, it looks like CNN came to the same conclusion.

We don't know all the facts surrounding the case, but the media has been running around as if George Zimmerman has already been tried and convicted. He hasn't even been arrested (yet). The irresponsibility on part of the media isn't irresponsibility. That word suggests an ignorance, but this is blatant. And the deeper they dig, the worse it gets and the richer they can make George Zimmerman, and I would take the media to court for everything they've done. From Matt Gutman (ABC) to Soledad O'Brien (CNN), the only racial motivation regarding Trayvon Martin is coming from the media. This has to be a hate crime. I'm not sure why its so important to them, and I may never understand it. This latest blow to their agenda and their credibility is hilariously satisfying. I may be twisted for saying, but I'm enjoying the implode. 

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