Monday, April 16, 2012

Let the VP Vetting Begin!

Mitt Romney hasn't officially snagged the nomination just yet, so is it too early for him to be searching for a Vice President? Of course not! He's going to get the nomination, there's no point in denying it and he's having trouble getting the conservative base to rally around him. He's not my favorite, but if supporting him means getting Obama out of office then I'll buy a bumper sticker. Mitt is who he is, and I don't expect him to change, so he needs to find someone to fill in the gaps conservatives keep glaring at.

Let's go back to basics: What does a Vice President do? Technically he's the President of the Senate. Its his (or her) job to break a tie in the Senate if it ever comes to that, and he (or she) will announce the winner of the electoral college following the Presidential election. Most importantly, if the President dies or becomes disabled, he (or she) is the one who will take his (or her) place. For the President, the VP can be a confidant and/or an advisor on key issues. Why Obama picked Joe Biden as his VP is beyond me, but oh well. I have no say in it, but I do have my top three picks:

1.) Rep. Allen West (R-FL) - My number one reason for him is superficial, but I'll say it anyway. He is a black conservative, and that drives liberals (especially black liberals) up the wall. It tickles my funny bone to watch liberals scramble for the right thing to say when the subject of Allen West comes up. A BLACK CONSERVATIVE!?!?! It doesn't make sense to them. Ah, but I digress. He's a former military man with great respect for our men in uniform and a love for Israel. He is severely aggravated by the lack of leadership present in Obama's Administration, and I know West would step up to the plate. I think he would be great for Romney with respect to the economy and foreign policy. Also, I'm seeing more and more black conservatives come out of the closet and I think he would be great inspiration. Leadership, plain and simple, is what Allen West would give America. He's also a representative from Florida. Keyword being "Florida".

2.) Rep. Marco Rubio (R-FL) - Republicans are having a hard time with the Hispanic community because of their polices on illegal immigration, which is sad because Hispanics used to be largely Republican. Marco Rubio has said many times he's not going to be VP, but we can hope he changes his mind. He's young, fresh, and he tells it like it is. He's very clear and straight to the point and he's fearless. Plus, conservatives love him. His views on immigration, health care reform, and the economy are pretty much in line with most conservatives, and he's strong. He has that something about him that would make him a great leader.

3.) Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) - His budget for the country isn't perfect, but its a start, which is more than anyone can say for any Democrat in congress. His budget has been shot down before, but he doesn't give up. He has it in his head what our economy needs and he holds on to that. What congress needs is leadership and a push. They're not getting that from Obama (unless it's to benefit him). As President of the Senate, I think he could be that voice and he would be loud. Romney needs someone in his corner who will advise him on the economy and how to approach congress on fixing it.

There are many more potentials, hopefuls, and favorites, but I'm hoping for one of these three.

I pray to GOD he doesn't pick a moderate because that would be disastrous. He needs someone who knows what they want and where to put their feet. He needs someone who's going to make conservatives say, "Now that's a ticket I'll get behind." Romney has appointed Beth Myers to lead the search for his VP, and I'm excited to see what she comes up with.

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