Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things We Say and Don't Say

The Trayvon Martin case is a delicate one, and one must tread lightly. A young man was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman. An arrest has yet to be made, and people are demanding justice. For many people this case represents an "epidemic" of white men killing black boys, but I beg to differ. I think this case represents the media and how they can't seem to learn from their mistakes. The first time I heard about this case, the news (CNN) made it sound as if the neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, ran after him and shot him from the back. They keep using words like "White Hispanic" and "vigilante" and it sets a fire in people. And they keep mentioning that Trayvon only had iced tea and skittles in his hand, like it means something. How this watchman was supposed to know what he did or didn't have in his hand is beyond me, but whatever. The media keeps repeating his claim that it was self-defense without explaining why he's claiming this, so they just keep mentioning "a bottle of iced tea and a bag of skittles" leaving people screaming, "How could he have been defending himself?" The news has also done a wonderful job of painting Trayvon as this good-hearted angel who was just visiting his daddy and his daddy's girlfriend.

They failed to mention that Trayvon was on a 10-day suspension because school officials found an empty marijuana baggy on his person. They also failed to mention in October he was suspended for vandalism and was suspected of stealing jewelry and was carrying a screwdriver school officials described as a burglary tool. He was also suspended some time before that for truancy and tardiness. @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, Trayvon's twitter, was deleted shortly after his death. Maybe out of respect, but once something is on the Internet it never goes away. The Daily Caller obtained his tweets and many people have found mentions to that twitter name, one referencing that Trayvon may have hit a bus driver. It also doesn't help that they're using a five-year-old picture of Trayvon, and the other picture they use is doctored. Maybe the media knew about this stuff all along or maybe they didn't, but it's still irresponsible. Who says this has anything to do with his death? No one, but when you lie about who someone is and call it truth and journalism, then that's a problem.

I've tired to write this particular post several times, but each day there's something new and I keep starting over. This case is so fascinating to me, not because a young man is dead or the alleged racial element, but because of the media's crash and burn attempts to report it. I am conservative and we love limited government, lower taxes, and the Constitution. One thing we love more than any of those is watching the mainstream media fail. The media from the beginning deemed this a hate crime because of what Zimmerman may or may not have said when calling 911. Some people heard "coons" and I and many other people heard "punks". There's no confirmation it was a racial epithet, and we haven't heard from any audio expert appointed by the state of Florida or the investigators. This particular section of the 911 call may not even be allowed in a trial because it is so unclear and prejudicial, and the only way to know what is said is to distort it. Other than that, I don't see the hate crime. I don't know all the facts (no one does), but from what we know so far, I don't think it is one. I think the media is starting to realize this isn't what they thought it was. Watching them back pedal and place blame on the so-called "talking heads" for fueling racial tensions or calling conservative blogs "shady blogs" for exposing EASY TO FIND current pictures of Trayvon is hilarious. Some articles I've read are now referring to Zimmerman as a "Hispanic" and they're using a more current photo of him instead of a mugshot, but they can't let go of Trayvon's baby face. The media has tried to convince us that Trayvon was hunted down like a dog because he was a black kid wearing a hoodie, but evidence now made available to the public is showing that Trayvon may have been the aggressor. They're at a loss running in circles and all they can do is play the blame game and hope no one notices, starting headlines with "new details". Let me enlighten you, the so called leaked police report was given to the media, but it wasn't leaked. It is impossible to leak a police report. Why? BECAUSE IT IS PUBLIC RECORD. I read that police report days before it was called "newly leaked information".

Trayvon's character is important to Zimmerman and any defense he builds, but it's not important to the public because we don't know what Zimmerman knows regarding that night, so why the false narrative? Why fan the flames of racism when it is so dangerous and unnecessary? It has become a political issue and as long as there is a racial divide, the Democrat Party has the upper hand. They feed off of it. It gives them an excuse to blame the Republicans and the TEA Party despite the last time they tried to do that (Tucson, anyone?) and it backfired. There is an ego in the MSM and they will not admit when they're wrong and they will continue to make these mistakes over and over again. The good thing is that us conservatives will always be disturbed and entertained.

I'm not rooting for one outcome over another. I want justice for Trayvon Martin and for George Zimmerman that its based on truth and not a lynch mob. The truth is that based on what we know so far, it doesn't look good for Trayvon and his family. There are three possibilities and we have to accept the possibility of all three:

  1. Zimmerman is a racist bastard who killed Trayvon in cold blood because he was black.
  2. Zimmerman is a vigilante who took the law into his own hands and should have followed directions
  3. Zimmerman killed Trayvon in self-defense and it is justifiable.

We know there was an altercation where Trayvon punched Zimmerman and slammed his head repeatedly into the sidewalk, and, knowing this, Trayvon supporters want to find a way to justify it saying "well, if he was following me I would have done the same thing." or "he shouldn't have been following him. that's what he gets." I think they do this to avoid admitting that if Trayvon had lived he would have been charged with battery. Bigger than that, its avoiding the real possibility that (and people will hate me for going there) Trayvon may have brought this on himself. Did he deserve it? No. But he made a choice and that choice had consequences, dead or alive. Between when Zimmerman says he lost Trayvon and when the first punch was thrown, we don't know know what happened apart from Zimmerman's word. And it's that crucial minute, minute and a half that will make or break this case.

My point is that the media had a responsibility to report the truth and they didn't. They jumped the gun and they're suffering for it and the American people who bought into this narrative are suffering as well. Rushing to judgement is an injustice to George Zimmerman who has a RIGHT to due process and its an injustice to Trayvon Martin who deserves a real and through investigation.

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